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Most breeders make you pay the whole stud fee upfront and you have no guarantee. We make a commitment to you, We will prepare and ship semen under the best possible conditions. And we back up the breeding with a guarantee. We even offer a pay later stud fee for our repeat customers.

Our Guarantee: We want you to have a successful litter and to build relationships. On your first breeding, you pay the $150 collection/ship fee and 50% of the Stud fee. You only pay the balance (remaining 50% stud fee) when you have a confirmed Pregnancy 28-30 days The contract guarantees a live birth of min of 2 and unlimited retries if you have an unsuccessful whelp with only paying shipping and collection of $150. and the rest when confirmed. 

On your second breeding you pay just the $150 collection/ship fee. You pay 1/2 stud fee only when you have a successful Sonogram at 28-30 days. And the other half when litter arrives if needed.  How’s that for a commitment to success?

To get started, download the stud contract, sign and fax or mail back to us. Neither UPS of FedEx ships on Saturdays or Sundays. So you can receive semen to AI, Tuesday through Saturday. Saturday delivery is available in most but not all parts of the USA. For  some customers, Greyhound transport can be used any day of the week including weekends and holidays. We prefer UPS but if your Dam is ready to AI Sunday or Monday then this may be the way to go. And you can come travel to us. We can run progesterone tests and have results with in minutes and perform the AI onsite too.

Timing a AI

We recommend you do Ovulation tests. Optimum AI is two days after Ovulation, enough time to have fresh chilled semen delivered. Your Vet can perform a progesterone to pin point ovulation. Or you can buy a kit and do it yourself, go to the How to AI Section for detailed information. We recommend shipping the day after a level of 5 and the same day on 8. Always keep us in the loop on test results so we get this right.


We collect from our Stud, centrifuge to remove unwanted prostatic fluid add semen extender and chill very slowly to 5C. We having been helping Frenchie owners have beautiful litters for many years. We have been having great success with our new digital shipping container. Breeder supply who created this have now had well over a thousand consecutive shipments with out a single failure in semen transport.  Go here for more details: Ship-Mate Digital Semen Transport Container. The sperm is slowly chilled and then maintained at the optimum temperature for the entire trip. The sperm arrives in tip top condition. When the pack arrives you use the chilled semen exactly the same way as a normal AI. There is no special preparation or warming of the semen required just use it as soon as it arrives. See the How to AI Section if you want to inseminate yourself and ask us to pack an syringe and AI rod.


We ship using FedEx, UPS, The Post Office and Greyhound. They each have their Pros and Cons. If you are using a Vet for the AI Make sure they will be open when the specimen arrives. Or we can include an AI kit so you can do this at home.

FedEx and UPS offer overnight service to almost every where in the Continental US. 95% of shipments go this way. We collect at 3PM and typically you get the semen the following morning. By 10:30 to major cities, noon for smaller places and sometimes by the end of the day for sparsely populated rural area. Mostly but not all places can get shipments on Saturday. There is no pickup on Saturday or Sunday , so we can not do overnight delivery to you using FedEx or UPS on either Sunday or Monday. If delivery is not available on Saturday we can usually find a location that does offer Saturday delivery in a near-bye community.

The Post Office also has overnight service, but they are not as reliable and do not operate on Holidays. But I can ship on a Saturday for a Monday arrival.

Greyhound I only use this if the same Bus pocking up in Elk City will arrive at your location. Otherwise Greyhound will almost always loose the package. The greyhound route is anywhere from Chicago, Champagne, St Louis, Springfield, Joplin, Tulsa, OKC, Amarillo, Albuquerque, Flagstaff, Glendale, Phoenix, San Bernardo, LA, So if you are close to these cities, Greyhound might be an option, The buses run 24/7 365 days a year.

Multiple Shipments

About 50% of the  breedings are two shipments two days apart.  Depending on Progesterone results and the issues like the weekend we can decide if a single or two shipments make sense. You only pay a single stud fee, each shipment is a separate charge


Costs are $150 for  each collection and overnight UPS shipping.

Stud fees  $1200 for Harley ( Blue and tan dd,atat) Genetics are clear.

Stud Fee $ 2800 for Ozzy (Lilac and Tan carries cream ) atat, bb, dd ,Ee,n/Em )Genetics are clear and have papers for you to see as well done by animal genetics. 

The Collection Fee and 50% Stud fee is required with the signed contract.  Payments can be made with PayPal( ,Paypal with credit card of any type ) Venmo, Cash App, Or Zelle.


Stud fee Shipping/Collection

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


Stud Fee Ozzy ( Lilac &Tan ) Deposit

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


Stud Fee Harley ( Blue & Tan )

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

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Stud Information

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